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jQuery EasyUI - helps you build your web pages easily
link http://jeasyui.com/

description jQuery EasyUI is a complete framework for HTML5 web page. It provides easy to use components for building modern, interactive, javascript applications that work on pc and mobile devices.

subdirectory_arrow_right html5 - jquery - ui - widgets - ajax - ria - web framekwork - web development - easy - easyui - datagrid - treegrid - tree

date_range 2016/10/07 04:05:56 am

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The Java Spring Tutorial: Learn Java's Popular Web Framework | Udemy
link https://www.udemy.com/javaspring/

description Learn how to use the most popular Java Web Framework, Java Spring, in this online video course meant to build your in-depth Java Spring programming skil

date_range 2016/10/16 10:29:12 am

Laravel-简洁、优雅的PHP开发框架(PHP Web Framework)。- Laravel中文网(Laravel中国社区)
link http://www.golaravel.com/

description Laravel是一套简洁、优雅的PHP Web开发框架(PHP Web Framework) -- Laravel中文网

subdirectory_arrow_right Laravel中文社区 - php框架 - laravel中文网 - php framework - restful routing - laravel - laravel php

date_range 2016/09/29 05:15:44 pm

Yii PHP Framework: Best for Web 2.0 Development
link http://www.yiiframework.com/

description Yii is a high-performance component-based PHP framework best for Web 2.0 development.

subdirectory_arrow_right yii - php framework - php frameworks - best php framework - php framework comparison - php jquery - php ajax - php

date_range 2016/09/27 12:38:22 am

link https://dzone.com/

description Programming, Web Development, and DevOps news, tutorials and tools for beginners to experts. Hundreds of free publications, over 1M members, totally free.

subdirectory_arrow_right programming - software development - devops - java - agile - web - iot - database - mobile - big data - cloud

date_range 2016/09/26 08:17:13 am

The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines | Django
link https://www.djangoproject.com/

description The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines. Django makes it easier to build better Web apps more qu

subdirectory_arrow_right Python - Django - framework - open-source

date_range 2016/09/26 07:48:09 pm

MVC Framework Tutorial
link http://tutorialspoint.com/mvc_framework/index.htm

description MVC Framework Tutorial for Beginners - Learn MVC Framework in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Introduction, Architecture and Flow, MVC and ASP.NET Web Forms, Folders, Models, Controllers, Views, Layouts, Routing Engine, Filters and Action Filter...

subdirectory_arrow_right MVC Framework - Introduction - Architecture and Flow - MVC and ASP.NET Web Forms - Folders - Models - Controllers - Views - Layouts - Routing Engine - Filters and Action Filters - First Application - Advance MVC Example - Ajax Support - Exception Handling - Bundling and Minification

date_range 2016/10/15 07:36:55 pm

One framework. - Angular
link https://angular.io/

description Angular is a development platform for building mobile and desktop web applications

subdirectory_arrow_right Angular - AngularJS - AngularDart - Javscript - Dart - Framework - JavaScript MVC - Google

date_range 2016/09/26 12:33:31 pm

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
link http://www.w3.org/

description The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop Web standards.

date_range 2016/09/25 02:18:32 pm

Tutorialzine | Web Development Tutorials & Resources
link http://tutorialzine.com/

description Tutorialzine is the one place for high quality web development tutorials. Learn cutting edge techniques in web development and design, download open source components and participate in the community.

subdirectory_arrow_right tutorialzine - tutorial zine - tzine - tutorials - freebies - resources - web development - webdev - demo - PHP - MySQL - jQuery - CSS - XHTML - jQuery UI - CSS3 - HTML5 - HTML - web design - webdesign

date_range 2016/09/28 02:12:01 am

Onextrapixel - Web Design and Development Online Magazine
link http://www.onextrapixel.com/

description A digital community devoted in sharing web design and development freebies, great tutorials, useful Internet resources, online tips and tricks for web designers

subdirectory_arrow_right web design - development - - html5 inspiration - illustration - showcase - tutorial - online developer - freebies - photoshop - websites - graphics - css3 - web freebies - designers - wordpress design - themes - blog design - cms - technology - navigation - wireframes - javascript - jQuery - gallery - icons - social media

date_range 2016/10/01 06:06:46 pm

link http://www.dumetschool.com/

description DUMET School adalah tempat Kursus Website, Web Design, SEO, Programming dll. Lokasinya di Jakarta Barat, Selatan, Timur, Utara dan Pusat.

subdirectory_arrow_right kursus website - web design - seo

date_range 2016/10/13 01:20:35 am

.NET Core Startup - CodeProject
link http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/1158377/NET-Core-Startup

description In this article, we will learn about .NET Core Features & short overview on .NET Framework (existing). We will discuss about what changes were made/added in new environment of .NET Core.; Author: Shashangka Shekhar; Updated: 29 Nov 2016; Section: .NET Framework; Chapter: Platforms, Frameworks & Libr...

date_range 2016/12/01 12:03:42 pm

Choosing between .NET Core and .NET Framework for server apps
link https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/articles/standard/choosing-core-framework-server

description A guide on which flavor of .NET you should consider when building a server app in .NET.

subdirectory_arrow_right .NET - .NET Core - .NET Framework

date_range 2016/12/01 05:16:00 pm

Agriya® - Leading Web Development Company & Clone Scripts Developers! - Agriya
link https://www.agriya.com/

description Agriya® is a leading clone script and web development company. It provides interactive mobile apps, expressive web designs and user-friendly websites.

subdirectory_arrow_right custom php web development company - php developers - clone scripts developers

date_range 2016/10/13 04:48:04 pm

Play Framework - Build Modern & Scalable Web Apps with Java and Scala
link https://playframework.com/

description or browse all versions or read full documentation Play is based on a lightweight, stateless, web-friendly architecture. Built on Akka, Play provides predictable and minimal resource consumption...

date_range 2016/09/30 10:08:25 pm

JavaScript UI Library, Ajax Components & HTML5 Framework - DHTMLX
link http://dhtmlx.com/

description DHTMLX offers a rich JavaScript library, UI components & HTML5 mobile framework. Build impressive web apps for both desktop and mobile devices.

subdirectory_arrow_right dhtmlx - ajax - javascript - html5 - mobile - library - framework - dhtml - web - components - ajax toolkit - javascript library - ui - user interface - component - controls - application development - html5 framework - javascript framework - php - .net - asp - jsp - java

date_range 2016/10/16 09:26:42 pm

Phalcon - High Performance PHP Framework
link https://phalconphp.com/en/

description Its innovative architecture makes Phalcon the fastest PHP framework ever built! See for yourself... Learn ...

subdirectory_arrow_right php - phalcon - phalcon php - php framework - faster php framework

date_range 2016/10/01 08:00:23 pm

jQWidgets - JavaScript UI Widgets framework
link http://www.jqwidgets.com/

description The leading HTML5 UI Widgets Framework. Build responsive HTML5 and JavaScript Apps with jQuery and AngularJS. Run on any platform, device, or browser.

date_range 2016/10/03 09:53:35 am

Learn Web Development with Rails: Michael Hartl's Ruby on Rails Tutorial | Softcover.io
link https://www.railstutorial.org/

description o develop and deploy real, industrial-strength web applications with Ruby on Rails, the open-source web framework that powers top websites such as Twitter, Hulu, GitHub, and the Yellow Pages. The Ruby on Rails Tut

date_range 2016/10/12 10:38:01 pm

Free Website Templates, Free HTML5 Templates Using Bootstrap Framework - FreeHTML5.co
link https://freehtml5.co/

description Free website templates, free HTML5 templates using Bootstrap framework. High quality free website templates for all.

date_range 2016/09/29 11:26:32 am

Laravel - The PHP Framework For Web Artisans
link https://laravel.com/

description Laravel - The PHP framework for web artisans.

subdirectory_arrow_right laravel - php - framework - web - artisans - taylor otwell

date_range 2016/09/25 09:45:14 pm

.NET Framework
link http://www.microsoft.com/net/framework

description Deliver amazing apps and reach a global audience of over 200 million customers across the broadest set of Windows devices including mobile, desktop, HoloLens, Surface Hub and Xbox. Learn more Develop Win32 desktop apps with the visually stunning user experiences provided by Windows Presentation Foun...

date_range 2016/12/01 05:13:31 pm

Bootstrap · The world's most popular mobile-first and responsive front-end framework.
link http://getbootstrap.com/

description Bootstrap, a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

date_range 2016/09/25 01:26:50 am

Design, Develop, and Manage Enterprise Web Applications with Sencha | Sencha
link https://www.sencha.com/

description With robust Java and JavaScript UI frameworks, cross-platform mobile app development tools, and web application management solutions, Sencha provides a comprehensive platform that empowers enterprises to design, develop, and deploy amazing web applications.

date_range 2016/09/28 08:24:23 am

jQuery EasyUI - helps you build your web pages easily
link http://jeasyui.com/

description jQuery EasyUI is a complete framework for HTML5 web page. It provides easy to use components for building modern, interactive, javascript applications that work on pc and mobile devices.

subdirectory_arrow_right html5 - jquery - ui - widgets - ajax - ria - web framekwork - web development - easy - easyui - datagrid - treegrid - tree

date_range 2016/10/07 04:05:56 am

The Best Web Browsers for Speed, Battery Life, and Customization
link http://www.howtogeek.com/273606/the-best-web-browsers-for-speed-battery-life-and-customization/

description Let’s be honest: Modern web browsers are all pretty solid. Even Microsoft Edge is much better than older versions of Internet Explorer. But we believe Google Chrome is still the best web browser for most people.

date_range 2016/10/24 08:37:50 pm

CodeIgniter Web Framework
link https://codeigniter.com/

description CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. CodeIgniter 3.1.0 Released CodeIgniter4.0.0-dev Reaches Milestone 1 Project Update - 2016.06.24...

date_range 2016/09/27 06:42:00 pm

Prestashop 1. 6 Themes | Joomla Template| Theme Clubs - LeoTheme
link http://www.leotheme.com/

description Best Prestashop Framework | Best Prestashop 1.6 Framework | Prestashop Template Club | Prestashop 1.5 Framework

subdirectory_arrow_right LeoTheme is best prestashop template club - We provider best prestashop framework - We support prestashop 1.4.x - prestashop 1.5.x - Prestashop 1.6.x

date_range 2016/10/20 08:03:31 am

link http://www.gajotres.net/

description This is a blog dedicated to web and mobile development.

subdirectory_arrow_right Mobile - jQuery - jQuery Mobile - Sencha Touch - App Framework - Examples - Tutorials - Frameworks

date_range 2016/10/10 05:02:40 pm

Phaser - A fast, fun and free open source HTML5 game framework
link http://phaser.io/

description Phaser: The fun, fast and free HTML5 Game Framework

subdirectory_arrow_right phaser - html5 - games - framework - library - canvas - webgl - animation - sprites - physics - audio - collision

date_range 2016/10/07 05:51:50 am

The Grails Framework
link https://grails.org/


date_range 2016/10/22 08:10:56 pm

Web Designer Wall – Design Trends and Tutorials
link http://webdesignerwall.com/

description Web Designer Wall is a blog designed and maintained by Nick La. Topics focus on web design, tutorials, and modern design trends.

date_range 2016/10/28 08:51:36 pm

Amazon EMR – Amazon Web Services
link https://aws.amazon.com/emr/

description Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) is a web service that uses Hadoop, an open-source framework, to quickly & cost-effectively process vast amounts of data.

date_range 2016/10/03 11:44:16 pm

オープンソース・ソフトウェアの開発とダウンロード - OSDN
link https://osdn.jp/

description オープンソース・ソフトウェアの開発とダウンロード・サイト。ソフト開発を行うためのCVS/SVN/Git/Mercurial(hg)/Bazaarリポジトリ、バグ追跡、掲示板・フォーラム、タスク管理、Webホスティング、ダウンロード・サーバー、ファ...

date_range 2016/09/26 05:39:06 am

Free Web Design Resources - Freebiesbug
link http://freebiesbug.com/

description Freebiesbug is a web design blog showcasing free high-quality design resources like PSD files, HTML website templates, fonts and other cool stuff.

date_range 2016/09/28 06:51:05 pm

Onsen UI 2: Beautiful HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework and Tools
link https://onsen.io/

description Make beautiful hybrid mobile apps using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Works with or without any framework including React, Meteor, Vue, AngularJS & 2. iOS and Android.

date_range 2016/10/08 11:00:00 am

Free WordPress Themes For a Better Web - Modern Themes
link https://modernthemes.net/

description Free WordPress themes for a better web. Modern themes formed to provide well coded, great looking, bloat-free WordPress themes reasonably priced at $0.

date_range 2016/10/07 08:06:01 am

Quackit Tutorials
link http://www.quackit.com/

description Free web development/design tutorials. Includes CSS, Javascript, AJAX, ColdFusion, and HTML tutorials, code examples, layout help and references. Complete list of HTML tags and CSS properties. Also contains resources and background overview of XML, ASP, XHTML, SQL, SQL Server, databases and more....

subdirectory_arrow_right free tutorials - web - online - web design tutorials - tips - css - Cascading Style Sheets - ColdFusion - ASP - Active Server Pages - XML - XHTML - HTML - Javascript - web servers - database - sql server - sql - ms access

date_range 2016/09/28 10:47:13 pm